Sealy Posturepedic Massachusets Ave Mattress

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The Sealy Posturepedic Massachusetts Ave Firm mattress is a perfect option for the firm mattress lover. At the top of the Sealy Posturepedic line-up this mattress will offer a great value with some of the higher end features to boot. Regarding the comfort level, this is a firm, but not hard mattress, that being said, back and stomach sleepers will prefer this mattress to any other within this model. Side sleepers are recommended to check out the plush euro pillow top version of this mattress for the most ideal comfort.

This mattress is adjustable bed friendly, which is not something a lot of firm mattresses can say, but due to the individually encased design of the coil system in the Massachusetts firm it can bend and mold easily to whatever position you prefer and maintain its firm comfort feel. The system that makes this possible is Sealy’s new Sealy Embrace Coil. Individually encased coils are able to move independently of one another to help provide body contouring support and to minimize motion transfer, which is important if you are a couple that has differing schedules.

Wrapped around the edge of this mattress is a 2.5” band of high density foam that is designed to provide a much better seating edge than previous models. This feature is called the SolidEdge HD. This extra foam helps to prevent the “roll-off” effect and ensures that your entire mattress surface is uniformly comfortable, whether you are on the edge, or in the center.